Water For Hair Growth

We all heard growing up to drink more water. It didn't matter what it was for. You have a pimple, "Drink more water", You want to lose weight " Drink more water and if you hit your small toe on the side of the bed, in order for the pain to go away faster you should "Drink more water". Ok so that last part was a joke but, the fact of the matter is our bodies need water and function better with a lot of water intake since our body is made of 45% to 75% water. We know it's great for overall health but did you know it can aid in helping your hair grow? 

  By increasing your water intake, your hair could become more moisturized and not feel dried out. Water could help with the thickness of your hair and how easy it is to manage your hair. Drinking enough water every day is great for your overall health and when it comes to your head it makes your scalp healthier which in return means you'll have fewer chances of developing scalp problems like itchiness, or dandruff just to name a couple of issues.
You should drink about two liters of water everyday if possible. Drinking more water will hydrate your skin, body, and scalp. Coconut water is good to drink also as it has vitamins that will add to the health of your hair growth. Hair growth starts from within. So using products for your hair is good and will indeed help with hair growth and the management of your hair, but drinking water is also a big factor in your hair health. 
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