Who is the product for? 

Our products is for YOU. You been looking for a product that actually works and you have find what you been looking for. 

Is it safe for kids/babies?

Yes our products are safe for both babies and kids but please order without essential oil.

Will it help to grow my edges?

Customers have stated that have grown back their edges using our growth oil.

Is this products for women & men?

Yes the product is made for whoever the person(s) may identify as.

What makes your hair growth oil different from other companies?

I can't spoke for our companies but here at AfroLocx,LLC we really care about the people and people getting the results they're looking for. We studied, tested and came up with a proven formula for the best chance of growing your hair. Each bottle is made for you in mind and with care, love and peace. 

How can I track my package?

As soon as you place and order, you will receive an email stated we received your order. Once it is processed and shipped out you'll receive an email with the tracking number.